Platelet-rich plasma PRP therapy 

PRP therapy uses the action of platelet - rich plasma obtained from the patient's blood. Its injections lead to the activation of stem cells, which induce intensive repair processes in the patient's body. This causes the multiplication of new, healthy cells and, consequently, an improvement in the condition of the tissues covered by the therapy. Platelet-rich plasma is one of the elements of the natural process of defense and regeneration of the body after any injuries. It is a potential for tissue repair in the healing process, mainly thanks to the so-called growth factors that particularly affect the reconstruction of muscles and tendons.


Treatment of orthopedic diseases with platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is increasingly used in the treatment of orthopedic injuries. The strong action of plasma accelerates wound healing and stimulates the reconstruction of muscle tissue and tendons. The main indication is to accelerate the healing processes, both during elective surgeries and after injuries.

Using the methods of regenerative orthopedics, it is possible to treat numerous diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including spinal pain syndromes, overload changes, e.g. tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, bursitis and prepatellar bursitis, jumper's knee, overload of the Achilles tendon and foot aponeurosis ( heel spurs), damage and defects of articular cartilage, joint overload syndromes, etc.


Modern methods of treating injuries with platelet-rich plasma are available not only for athletes.


What does the platelet-rich plasma injection procedure look like?

Currently, the most frequently used method in regenerative orthopedics are treatments with the use of platelet-rich plasma. This method uses the richest natural source of growth factors - platelets. From a small amount of blood collected from the patient, within several minutes, using a special set, plasma containing a high content of platelets is separated and then inserted into the place of damage with a needle. It usually takes about a dozen or so minutes. Very often the first effects are visible after just one treatment, but the best lasting effect is obtained after repeating the treatment three times.

Platelet-rich plasma prp-behandlung injected into diseased tissues strongly stimulates the repair of damaged tendons, muscles, ligaments, cartilage or bones. We observe fast and very stable results using this method. After using platelet-rich plasma, patients take less standard painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. This is especially important in the case of people with comorbidities, because we do not burden them with additional medications, as well as active people, because they regain mobility faster.