Disinfectant should not be placed at home! The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin and the Austrian Federal Environment Agency clearly established this point in an expert discussion on the topic of "risks of disinfectant in the home". Vienna was held in Vienna on November 6, 2003 under the auspices of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Resources. Invited institutions.

However, experts point out that when a doctor prescribes it, disinfectants may need to be used at home. Household hygiene is achieved in the following ways: Use simple detergents to clean properly. Frequently use a rag to clean the refrigerator. Frequently clean the jars. Frequently dispose of the trash can. Keep the bathroom, kitchen, and toilet dry.

Hand sanitizers contain substances that are harmful to health and the environment, such as allergies and eczema.Reports of poisoning accidents caused by direct ingestion of concentrated solutions by children and the elderly are not uncommon. If disinfectants are used excessively and in large quantities in an uncontrolled manner, disinfectants may be harmful to the environment because they kill organisms in the water system and destroy sewage treatment plants.

Fungicides, that is, fungicides, are used in many products and finished products, such as socks, sportswear and other textiles, as well as in floors, bathroom carpets, garbage bags, refrigerators, etc.; on the other hand, the methods used will be Evaluated as harmful to health. According to experts, the use of fungicides in these areas is not necessary. Handling disinfectants requires a lot of experience. If used improperly, disinfectants are ineffective.

Experts debated whether the abuse of disinfectants would produce resistance and whether disinfectants would compromise the effectiveness of antibiotics. To this end, experts must do more research.

The final result of the expert discussion can be said: In advertising, consumers are often irresponsibly provided with fungicides (for example.The course should start at school, the purpose is to ensure household hygiene and not use products that are harmful to health and the environment.