Fertility Center Nepal-The following are the factors that attract many couples to visit Fertility Center Nepal. These are:

  1. Infrastructure: By the term infrastructure, we do not mean the interior decoration of the IVF clinic in Pokhara but the way this clinic presents itself, including the behaviour of the fertility experts and other fertility professionals towards their patient's techniques & equipment used by the clinic, etc. Nowadays, infertility has become a common issue. To treat its causes, IVF clinics need to use the latest and advanced technologies. Only then they can deliver the highest success rates for taking the baby home. The experts at Fertility Center Nepal keep all the requirements in their mind and perform the IVF treatment using the latest & advanced technologies.
  2. IVF treatment cost: The cost of the essential IVF treatment in Pokhara ranges from NPR 2 80,000 to NPR 3 40,000 for one fresh IVF cycle; however, the fee depends on the number of IVF cycles used, age of the couples, previous adverse medical history, if any, body weight, lifestyle, etc. If the couple wishes to proceed with advanced IVF procedures, then the cost for the advanced IVF procedures are different and will be confirmed by the fertility experts. Suppose women under 35 and men under 40 going for fertility treatment. In that case, the fertility experts will suggest IVF treatment only as the chances of conception at this age are high. The couple needs to bear a minimum cost of the procedure; however, if IVF gets failed only, the fertility expert suggests advanced IVF procedures. In advanced IVF procedures, couples require more fertility drugs, and the cost will also increase.
  3. Success rates: To date, the success rates for taking the baby home through the essential IVF treatment at Fertility Center Nepal is around 70 to 80% which is relatively high as compared to success rates of the other developed countries like the USA, UK, Germany, etc.
  4. Patient care: Patient's care is the topmost priority of the Fertility Center Nepal, and they make sure that each individual gets complete 24/7 medical & personal care. The fertility experts at this centre also ensure that people will get the best and comfortable stay throughout their treatment, which is the most critical part of achieving the procedure's successful outcome.
  5. Qualified and experienced professionals: Fertility Center Nepal has a qualified and experienced team of fertility professionals who give the best advice to couples regarding IVF treatment and help them conceive a baby.
  6. Wait time: If couples undergo egg donor, sperm donor or embryo donor treatments, then the waiting time at Fertility Center Nepal is less than other hospitals. The couple need not stand in long queues as it is a centre with an extensive database of the donor's profile that can share with the couples, and they can choose the donor according to their preference.