Not that I'm hooked on this game, since in fact I hardly get time to play with RS gold it anymore, but I have been playing this game off and on since I was ten years old, I'm now 19, therefore that is almost ten years I've put work into this game, wasted hundreds of hours of my entire life, and it can't finish by me being prohibited for legity something that I did not do. I told them in my appeal, matter of fact declared in my life to them, I never botted, and should they have evidence a schedule was used I had to have been hacked.

My rough plan for Mining & Smithing from this point is as follows: First, work with the community (and devs) to gather a new, agreed list of requirements and limitations for what rework have to do and what it should not do. A number of them are likely to conflict so we'll have to negotiate a compromise. This may involve a lot of explanation and exploration of how things like the market actually do the job, and what the long term impact of changes and lack of changes will be.

Second, reuse the present design where it fits into this new necessity frame. Thirdly, designing new features or take suggestions to fill the gaps and differences between the plan and the requirements in which that is necessary. Where possible, I'd love to split the design down into smaller segments that we're able to agree and approve components of it in isolation without needing to accept or refuse the entire thing. For example, we might have the ability to agree the new mining mechanisms are solid and bank that individually of debates over drop tables.Zamorak quest is looking really good, it was about time they gave Zamorak some time in the spotlight. It's potential to be a both serious and hilarious quest at the exact same time and maybe gather some more fans to the God of the three which has less supporters. I just hope Jagex does not give a lot of absurd retarded vote options meant to be amusing that knowing the RuneScape community will most likely win and turn a pursuit that has potential to be outstanding to a joke.

Ports update they are just basically eventually giving us what they promised they'd gives us this year past Runefest and trying to pass it some sort of cheap OSRS gold new update. They promised all of new T85 weapons and gave us just the ranged ones. So far everything they are introduced to rekindle the Wilderness was a disappointment such as the Crucible for example. Warbands has some achievement but it's very limiting and makes the Wilderness living only for a few minutes everyday.