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  • Features of aluminium stage truss
    Features of aluminium stage truss: 1. Aluminium stage truss is suitable for exhibition, display, performance show, concert, event etc... 2. Connected by a spigot or screw as your request, convenient for set up and transportation 3. Weight-loading capacity: 200-800KG/Square Meter according to the truss size 4. Quick buliding, stronge loading capacity 5. Different size can be available as...
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  • Classification of galvanized concertina truss
    Classification of galvanized concertina truss In the development of truss, a process of galvanizing its surface has appeared in order to prolong its service life, and galvanized concert truss is divided into two kinds: hot-dip galvanizing and cold-dip galvanizing. But the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing process is thicker and has better rust-proof ability, besides, cold-dip galvanizing is...
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  • Concert truss
    Shizhan Group has a long field proven history in sound and lighting. Our manufacturing back ground of one of Chinese longest running concert truss line has made us very aware of quality and performance of every product we sell. The audio equipment we represent must be held to a standard that matches or exceeds our own values in production. Shizhan Group has a full range of stage truss aluminum...
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